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AFA Stewards Guidelines - 10 October 2022

AFA Timekeepers Manual - August 2023 (Updated 22-Ferb-24)

AFA Light Sets User Manual - January 2023


Stewards Questionaire

Judges and Stewards Guidlines


Timekeepers Exam

New documents:

Timekeepers timesheet questionare

AFA time keepers practical report

Team timesheet

The above information provide pertanent information for anyone wishing to steward at sanctioned competitions.


To assist the AFA in the smooth running of competitions the AFA has come up with a Stewards training program. This is not hard and is just to ensure that anyone that does it has actually read what is required of a steward during competition. Any one can have a go at this and we even have a new policy for our junior members.

What is required:

Above is a link to the Stewards information pack, and all you have to do is read this pack and answer the 10 questions at the end that relate to the stewards (ie: Inbound, box and line steward positions) then forward your answers to the [email protected] for marking by our supervisory judge.   You must complete this step before you can move on to the timekeepers ticket.

Timekeepers ticket - Submit the above exam to [email protected] for marking by our supervisory judge.  

Below is an explanation of what our junior members are eligible to do: 

Junior Stewards

At the March 2007 committee meeting it was decided that because we have junior handlers we should also have junior stewards. So to assist in this the AFA has put together a Stewards Pack with 2 questionnaires (10 questions each) at the end. Junior Handlers are invited to complete the questionnaire for Stewarding only and forward it to the email address in the steward pack for marking. Upon passing the questionnaire they will then be eligible to steward in certain positions at competitions.

Minimum age for this will be 14 years old. At 14 years of age the Junior Handler can complete the Stewards Questionnaire. If they pass they will be notified by the AFA  to say they can steward in the " Box Stewards  position."

At the age of 16 years the Junior handlers can complete the questionnaire and upon passing and will be eligible to sit in the  ‘box stewards’ position and the ‘line stewards’ position.

The age limit for ‘timekeepers’ remains 18 years of age.

The questions are at the back of the Stewards Information Pack, just click on the link above.

Stewards from impartial teams. 

The AFA recommends that ring stewards be from impartial teams. However, where this is not compatible with a satisfactory rate of racing, the Judge may permit exceptions.