Privacy Policy

1. Privacy respect

The Australian Flyball Association Inc. (AFA) respects the privacy of it's website visitors and members.

This page sets out how your data is collected and used.

2. Your data

Members: all information that is submited to the AFA in paper or digital form may be entered to this sites database.

Visitors and members: this site uses Google Analytics, for information that this tool collects please visit Google Analytics.

3. How data is collected

Data is collected about you when this site is accessed or submitted to us in digital or paper form.

4. How data is used

Data collected or provided to the AFA is used to carry out what the association does.

5. Data disclosure

Your data is accessable by our administration and software engineering team.

6. Data security

The AFA has implemented measures that tries to protect your data, however we cannot accept liability for unauthorised access to it.

7. Data security

Members are able to change their data via their online account. Some data cannot be changed without a request to the association.

8. Privacy issues

If you have any issues with this policy or site please contact our webmaster.

9. Changes

This policy is subject to change without notice. Please visit this page regularly to be aware of any changes.

10. Website

This website uses cookies to maintain login functionality and analytics.

Third-party websites accessed from this site are of no responsibility to the AFA.

When visiting this site personally identifiable information may be collected from Google Analytics.

Last update: December 2013