Representative Duties


Mission Statement:

The Mission of Australian Flyball Association Representative is to:

  • Provide the highest standard of representation on behalf of the Australian Flyball Association at all Competitions and Demonstrations.

  • Foster the highest standards of fairness, diplomacy and neutrality in dealing with Judges, Stewards, Competitors, Exhibitors and the public on and off the field; and

  • Promote and advance in safety and good sportsmanship, the Sport of Flyball.

Values Statement:

Australian Flyball Association Representatives are committed to fostering the core values of:

Respect, Integrity, Fairness, Trust.


AFA Representative - Recognise that they are ambassadors of the Australian Flyball Association and the sport of Flyball and as such have a responsibility to positively promote these institutions.


19.1.1 To The Australian Flyball Association. A Flyball Judge shall report to the Australian Flyball Association any Competitor, Dog or Official who commits or engages in conduct which may constitute a Reportable Offence:- 

(a) During a Competition or Demonstration; or

(b) On the day of the Competition or Demonstration and within the immediate proximity of the Race Area where the Competition or Demonstration is conducted.

19.1.2 Interpretation "Within the Immediate Proximity of the Race Area" Without limiting their ordinary meaning, the words "within the immediate proximity of the Race Area" shall include any area within 500 meters of where the Competition or Demonstration is conducted.

19.1.3 Other appointed persons In addition to a Flyball Judge, The Australian Flyball Association may authorise a person or persons to report any Competitor, Dog or Official who commits or engages in conduct which may constitute a Reportable Offence. Any person so authorised shall have the same powers and duties as imposed upon a Flyball Judge under this Law 19.

This will include any persons nominated by the AFA Committee, acting in the capacity of the AFA Representative at a Competition or Demonstration. Any persons so nominated and agreeing to act in the capacity of AFA Representative will be required to sign the following declaration -

I agree to abide by the Rules and Policies and Constitution of the Australian Flyball Association and the Mission Statement, Code of Conduct and Responsibilities specifically of an AFA Representative as above. Failure to act in accordance with these will consider my being under report (Section 19.3.2) and I will be dealt with under Section 1.4

Code of Ethics

  • As an AFA Representative you typify the sport of Flyball and at all times you must promote co-operation and good sportsmanship in the training and exhibition of dogs.

  • To act as mediator between the Judge, Competitors and Competition Organiser.

  • You must always be courteous and friendly, impartial and firm

  • You must always have the safety and welfare of dogs and exhibitors at the forefront of decisions

  • You must be familiar with the regulations, rules and requirements and ensure that correct decisions are made.

  • Judgment calls should be based on the experience, good character and fairness of the AFA representative

  • The AFA representative has no power to overrule a Judges decision in the ring excepting for reasons of safety of dogs or handlers.


  • Approve the competition format and the competition schedule on behalf of the AFA and approve all placings in divisions on behalf of the AFA (Regional AFA Rep with the AFA Committee as final approval).

  • Sign and check all timesheets in a competition before the Awards are made

  • Supply, witness and receive Statutory Declarations from witnesses to an Incident and forward to AFA Secretary

  • Adjudicate disputes at an AFA event (excepting own teams involvement)

  • Sign off on provisional judges training sheets along with the supervising Judge

  • Report on carded or excused from competition offences on AFA Incident Report Form

  • Ensure that all necessary stationery is available at all competitions and demonstrations

  • Report to the AFA Committee, any unresolved dispute with any persons, within 24 hours.

  • Stationery - Hold supplies of forms in file system supplied

Rules and Policies of the AFA booklet

  • Any further Policies approved by the AFA Committee

  • Copy of the Constitution

  • Statutory Declarations

  • Judges Incident Report

  • Human Injury Form

  • Dog Injury Form

  • Height Card Applications

  • Register of Honorary Members Form

  • Membership to AFA Form

  • Membership to AFA Renewal Form

  • Application for Sanctioned Competition

  • Application for Club Affiliation

  • Title Redemption Form

  • Extra Information to include: 

  • AFA Insurance Renewal information, 

  • List of current CRN's, 

  • AFA Membership List

  • Pens, calculator, erasers etc.

  • Provisional Judges Log Sheets x 4