Hosting a Race Meeting


Click here to download the AFA Rules, Guidelines and Protocols 


Information to check/complete prior to Race Meeting:

  • Race Meeting Entry Form Template is no longer required as entries to race meets are now completed on line by teams. Host clubs are to supply bank details at time of sanctioning a race meet to ensure on line entry process is available for their race meet. 
  • Registered Team Names (to add a new name, please email [email protected] with your request)
  • Valid CRN List - the on line entry process eliminates the need for race meet Co-Ordinators to check the CRN's are valid. The system will do this and notify as you work through the process. If you are having problems, please contact the Web Team on [email protected] 


At the completion of the Race Meeting, the competition secretary is required to complete:

  • Race Meeting Results Form (see Forms page) – Within 2 business days - please email to [email protected]
  • Title Points Workbook (see Forms page) – Within 2 weeks of event - please email to [email protected] or request a google drive request to upload to our storage drive
  • Scan Timesheets and all relevant paperwork eg. honorary member listing, training in the ring register - email to [email protected] or request a google drive request to upload to our storage drive
  • Save a copy of the on line entry form spreadsheet and also email this to the [email protected] 
  • The original timesheets, entry form spreadsheet and any other paperwork is to be kept for future reference. Please don't send onto the AFA, we will work from the emails copies. EFT or mail a cheque for the EJS Light Levy


Send the above information to the [email protected] - or request a drop box request from [email protected] 

Additional Information: