Life Members


Honorary Life Members shall mean a person, whether a member or not, who upon the recommendation of the Committee, or upon a written nomination signed by not less than five members, is elected by a resolution passed in Annual General Meeting by a majority or not less than two-thirds of the members voting thereat and who in the opinion of such meeting has rendered outstanding services to the Club or for other good and sufficient reason. Such nomination is to be received by the Committee at least one calendar month prior to the Annual General Meeting, and is to be supported by a qualification/justification for the nomination. An Honorary Life Member shall not be required to pay any subscription, but shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of ordinary membership. Such appointments shall not exceed two per year.


Gary Hardwood (August 2000) - original honorary Member of the AFA

Honorary Membership has been awarded to a man who dreamed about Flyball becoming a sport in Australia, and set about over a number of years spreading his dream to other people like a virus. Although the man in question is no longer involved in the sport, his enthusiasm inevitably infected many people. The man we are talking about was responsible for the establishment of Queanbeyan Flyball club and later chaired the first meetings attended by Flyball enthusiasts from NSW and ACT that lead to the establishment of the Australian Flyball Association. He also travelled to many areas along the east coast including Melbourne’s Keilor Obedience Dog  Training Club, who were infected with enthusiasm as a result of engaging in unprotected Flyball with the man in question - Mr Gary Harwood. (Article from Flying Times #22 31 August 2000)

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