Regional Responsibilities


  1. The AFA Regional Representative must be eligible and is required to accept a position as an AFA Committee Member. 

  2. The AFA Regional Representative must reside in the State that they represent. 

  3. The AFA Regional Representatives are ambassadors of the Australian Flyball Association and as such have a responsibility to positively promote and advance in safety and good sportsmanship, the sport of Flyball Australia wide and in their own state. They must provide the highest standard of representation on behalf of the AFA. 

  4. Be able to answer or follow through any members concerns in their State as well as keeping their members informed of any Committee decisions, which would affect them. 

  5. Uphold the Rules and Policies of the Australian Flyball Association. The AFA Regional Representative must be familiar with the requirements, Rules and Policies and willing to attend periodic seminars to maintain their knowledge of the current Rules and Policies and their knowledge of the position of Regional Representative. 

  6. Promote by way of encouragement of existing and new flyball groups, demonstrations and competitions, the advancement and the future of flyball in their State. 

  7. Report to the AFA Committee, anything of a nature to affect the Sport of Flyball

  8. Be an arbiter and diplomat when dealing with any clubs, members etc. of the Australian Flyball Association and leave that person or Club with the feeling that the Australian Flyball Association Committee has been formed to look after their needs and concerns. 

  9. Approve the competition format, competition schedule and competition divisions on behalf of the AFA with the AFA Committee having final approval. 

  10. Be able to carry out any of the duties and responsibilities of an AFA Representative at competitions.