New Members

Membership and Joining the AFA

New memberships – Online Application Form for membership of the AFA can be found at New Membership.

Under the AFA constitution (Section 8), new memberships must be admitted by the AFA committee and listed in the minutes of the meeting, which meets once a month (generally the first Monday of the month). If you require membership to be processed urgently, you can apply for prompt processing at an additional fee of $10.

Junior members  – 16 years and under should also complete this form if they want their own CRN. 

Fees - Annual membership of the Australian Flyball Association Inc. costs $25 for the first year and $20 per year after that (includes a valid CRN for one dog).

Note: it is possible to be a member of the AFA without a dog.

Additional dogs - Members can add additional dogs to their membership using the Add a Dog link found under the Dogs section of the Dashboard. Adding additional dogs to your membership incurs a fee of $20 per dog, to be paid by EFT. You must be logged into the website to be able to complete this online form.

Associate Members - Associate Members must reside with the ordinary member to be eligible to participate in flyball events. There is a $5 fee to add Associate Members and should be added when completing the online membership form.

Junior Associate Members - Junior Associate Members can be added to an existing member. There is a $5 fee to add a Junior Associate Member to an AFA membership.

Associate members will not receive correspondence from the AFA as all correspondence will be sent to the Ordinary member.

Dates - For membership purposes, the year runs from 1 July to 30 June. However, new memberships processed after 31 March will run until the 30th June the following year.

Membership Number and CRN - Each membership has a unique Membership Number, for example '178'. Each dog under that membership has a unique Competitors Racing Number (CRN), for example '178A' for the first dog and '178B' for the second dog, etc. Your dog must have a valid CRN to participate in AFA sanctioned events (see AFA Rules and Policies Chapter 5)

Membership status - After your membership has been processed and approved, you will receive your receipt and membership information in the mail (within about 14 days of the committee meeting). If you have not received your information, or need confirmation of your membership status at any other time, please contact [email protected] listed under Contact Us page.

Voting - In AFA elections or ballots, there is one vote per membership. Only the ordinary member is permitted to vote. Associate members are not permitted to vote but may attend General Meetings as visitors.


Membership Renewal

When is this due? - Memberships are due for renewal on 1 July of each year. How? - Membership renewal can be done online by logging into your Member Login Area from the AFA homepage. 

Late renewing? - Memberships that are not renewed by 31 July will incur a late renewal fee of $10 in addition to the annual membership fee.