Royal Melbourne Show Demo

Date: Sept. 27, 2015

Hosting Club: Four Paws Racing


Contract No. - 0411 486 649

Email - [email protected]

Date- Sunday 27th September, Monday 28th September, Tuesday 29th September

Venue - Royal Melbourne Show, Melbourne Showgrounds, Langs Road, Ascot Vale

Format of Event - 

2-3 x 30 Minute Flyball Demonstrations including

  • Beginners Training (restrained recalls, box work etc)
  • One on one racing
  • full team racing

Running surface - Grass and  Matting

Size of area set aside for event - 30 metres x 30 metres Matting will be used on one of the days, other days will be on grass. Grassed area is not available for one day due to agility comp.


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