Accessing the new website

Accessing the new website

Author: Julie Pamplin
Members info - Accessing the new website

Thu 03 Apr 2014

The new AFA website is now available. When logging on please use you member NUMBER & not your CRN ie no alpha characters.


The new website is at the same address as the old one was ie  If you are having problems accessing the new website please do the following:


1)     Remove any shortcuts or favourites you have set up to the address  ie refresh your browser to remove any links to the old website location


2)     When this is done type into Google (or your preferred search engine) the same website address


3)     You MUST reset your password the first time you access the website. To do this click on the “LOGIN” button on the top right hand corner of the front page. This will bring up a smaller window where you enter your Member number (ie numbers alpha characters) & click on the “Forgot password?” link.


4)     This will then prompt you to enter your email address &, when you have done this, click on the Reset Password button. You can shut this window down now


5)     Open up your email account & after a few minutes you will receive an email (from [email protected]) with a link that will take you to the password reset page. Enter your new password & re-enter to confirm. You will be advised that the password change is successful.


Note: If there are many people resetting their password at the same time the email may take longer to arrive so be patient. Before trying to reset your password again check that the email isn’t in your Junk / Spam email folder


6)     Click on the LOGIN box near the top right hand corner of the page. Enter your Member number & password. You should now be in the new AFA website & see the tabs as shown below.


7)     If you are still having problems accessing the website email the Webmaster at [email protected] for assistance. In the interim these emails will be going to our website developer so don’t email Kylie directly with your problems re the new website.


8)     People using older versions of some browsers eg Internet Explorer may have problems viewing some of the content of the website. To be able to access the entire website you should either update to the latest version of your browser or download Google Chrome.


Club Co-ordinators  - please go to the Clubs page & check that your contact details are correct. Also check that your clubs website link is correct &, if it is missing or incorrect, send the correct link (or contact details) to [email protected] as these couldn’t be brought across from the old website. The ones shown were sourced using Google & links couldn’t be found for some clubs. Club logos also need to be uploaded….please send your club logo to [email protected] asap.


Club co-ordinators: Can you please advise your members, especially any that are comp secretaries for comps you run, that the comp numbers are now allocated in the order the comp details are entered on the system? Therefore a comp that runs in the latter part of 2014 may have a lower comp number than one that runs at the beginning of the year. This can’t be changed & if you are querying any title points issues you will still need to quote the comp number & name in your email as well as club & team name, dogs name & CRN & any other relevant details.


Judges - please go to the Clubs page & check that your contact details are correct. If your details are missing or incorrect email [email protected] with the correct contact details.


New functionality

There are a few improvements introduced with the new website.


1)     When you bring up the new website there are 6 tabs along the top of the page with drop down lists of links on some. This page is what the general public see & therefore has a tab for New Members with relevant links. If you log into the website with your Member number this tab will disappear & only 5 tabs will be visible. Note: Don’t forget to Logout when you are finished viewing the site via the Member area….you are not automatically prompted to do so like the old website & you will remain logged in otherwise.


2)     There is a sitemap with quick links to various areas of the website. This can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of the front page


3)     There is also a Privacy Policy which everyone should read & be aware of. This can be found next to the sitemap link.


4)     There is  SEARCH box to the left of the Logon button on the front page. This will use Google as the search engine & will return search results from the AFA website.


5)     There is also a link to the AFA facebook page.


Competition information


Comp related forms: These can be found under the Hosting a Competition section in the Member area


Latest Seed times: You can either use the Search button or the link in the Sitemap


To find comp results: you have to go to the Members tab, then Comps, select the Month (or Year then Month if the comp is in a previous year), then click on the Comp you want to see the results for. Points for each dog in that comp should also be visible once the points are uploaded